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Credit Transfer

What does the academic term Credit Transfer mean in higher education?

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer definition

Short Definition

Credit Transfer is the process of transferring credits earned at one institution to another institution.

In-depth Overview

Credit Transfer

Long definition: "Credit Transfer" is a process in higher education that allows students to move academic credits earned at one educational institution to another. It enables students to continue their education at a different institution without having to retake courses they have already completed. Credit transfer often involves the evaluation and recognition of coursework, ensuring that students receive the appropriate credit for their prior learning.

Etymology: The term "credit" originates from the Latin word "credere", which means "to believe" or "to trust". In the context of education, it signifies the belief and trust in the academic achievements of a student, leading to the recognition of their prior learning. "Transfer" simply refers to the act of moving or conveying something from one place to another.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Credit Articulation, Credit Recognition, Credit Validation, Credit Conversion.

Examples of Use:

  • John transferred his earned credits from the community college to the university, saving time and tuition costs.
  • The institution has established clear guidelines for credit transfer to ensure a smooth transition for incoming transfer students.

Spanish: Transferencia de Créditos
French: Transfert de Crédits
German: Kreditübertragung
Italian: Trasferimento dei Crediti
Portuguese: Transferência de Créditos
Japanese: 単位移行 (Tanni Ikō)
Chinese (Simplified): 学分转移 (Xuéfèn Zhuǎnyí)
Hindi: क्रेडिट स्थानांतरण (Kreḍiṭ Sthānāntaraṇ)

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