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Course Withdrawal

What does the academic term Course Withdrawal mean in higher education?

Course Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal definition

Short Definition

Course Withdrawal means dropping a course before the deadline, usually without any academic penalty, but often with financial implications.

In-depth Overview

Course Withdrawal

Long definition: "Course Withdrawal" refers to the formal process by which a student drops or removes themselves from a specific academic course after the official enrollment period has ended. This process typically occurs within a defined withdrawal period, which is set by the educational institution. When a student withdraws from a course, it usually results in the removal of the course from their academic record. Depending on institutional policies, a "W" (for withdrawal) may be recorded on the student's transcript instead of a grade.

Etymology: The term "withdrawal" is derived from the English language and in this context, it signifies the act of removing oneself from a course.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Course Drop, Course Disenrollment, Course Removal, Course Abandonment.

Examples of Use:

  • After facing unexpected health issues, Sarah decided to request a course withdrawal for her chemistry class.
  • Students are allowed to initiate a course withdrawal within the first eight weeks of the semester.

Spanish: Retiro de Curso
French: Abandon de Cours
German: Kursrückzug
Italian: Ritiro del Corso
Portuguese: Retirada de Curso
Japanese: コースの撤退 (Kōsu no Tettai)
Chinese (Simplified): 课程退选 (Kèchéng Tuì Xuǎn)
Hindi: कोर्स विथड्रॉ (Kors Vithḍrọ)

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