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Course Completion

What does the academic term Course Completion mean in higher education?

Course Completion

Course Completion definition

Short Definition

Course Completion means finishing all the requirements for a course, such as attending lectures, completing assignments and taking exams, to receive a grade and credit.

In-depth Overview

Course Completion

Long definition: Course completion refers to the successful fulfillment of all the requirements and objectives of an academic course or program. It signifies that a student has met the necessary criteria for passing the course, which may include attending classes, submitting assignments, passing exams and achieving a satisfactory level of understanding of the course material. Course completion is a fundamental aspect of academic progress and is typically a prerequisite for earning credits and advancing in an educational program.

Etymology: The term "completion" derives from the Latin word "completio", meaning "a finishing or accomplishment". In an educational context, it signifies the achievement of all the necessary tasks and objectives of a course.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Course Fulfillment, Successful Course Conclusion, Course Achievement.

Examples of Use:

  • Students must demonstrate course completion by passing the final exam and submitting all required assignments.
  • Course completion is a prerequisite for moving on to advanced courses in the program.

Spanish: Finalización del Curso
French: Achèvement du Cours
German: Kursabschluss
Italian: Completamento del Corso
Portuguese: Conclusão do Curso
Japanese: コース修了 (Kōsu Shūryō)
Chinese (Simplified): 课程完成 (Kèchéng Wánchéng)
Hindi: पाठ्यक्रम पूरा करना (Pāṭhyakrama Pūrā Kranā)

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