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Core Course

What does the academic term Core Course mean in higher education?

Core Course

Core Course definition

Short Definition

Core Course is a required course in a specific academic program that provides a foundation of knowledge and skills.

In-depth Overview

Core Course

Long definition: A Core Course, often referred to as a "core class" or "core curriculum course", is an essential and mandatory component of a student's academic program in higher education. These courses are designed to provide fundamental knowledge and skills in a specific academic discipline or general education area, forming the foundational framework of a degree program.

Etymology: The term "core" originates from Latin "cor", meaning heart. In an educational context, core courses are considered the heart or central component of a curriculum, providing the essential knowledge required for a degree.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Core Class, Core Curriculum Course, Required Course, Fundamental Course, Key Course.

Examples of Use:

  • Every student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology must complete core courses in biology, chemistry and mathematics as part of their degree requirements.
  • The core curriculum includes introductory courses in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

Spanish: Curso Obligatorio
French: Cours Fondamental
German: Pflichtkurs
Italian: Corso Base
Portuguese: Curso Obrigatório
Japanese: 必修科目 (Hissū Kamoku)
Chinese (Simplified): 必修课程 (Bìxiū Kèchéng)
Hindi: मूल कोर्स (Mool Course)

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