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Commencement Speaker

What does the academic term Commencement Speaker mean in higher education?

Commencement Speaker

Commencement Speaker definition

Short Definition

Commencement Speaker is a guest speaker chosen to address graduating students at a commencement ceremony.

In-depth Overview

Commencement Speaker

Long definition: A commencement speaker is an individual chosen to deliver a keynote address or speech during a graduation ceremony, typically at a university or college. The commencement speaker is often a notable figure in their field or a distinguished personality who imparts wisdom, advice and inspiration to the graduating class.

Etymology: The term "commencement" comes from the Latin word "cominitium", meaning a beginning or start. "Speaker" refers to the person delivering a speech or address. Together, "commencement speaker" signifies someone who marks the beginning of graduates' new journeys with words of encouragement.

Synonyms or related academic terms: "Graduation Speaker", "Convocation Speaker".

Examples of Use:

  • The renowned author was invited as the commencement speaker for this year's graduation ceremony.
  • The commencement speaker delivered an inspiring speech that resonated with the graduating students.

Spanish: Orador de la Graduación
French: Orateur de la Remise des Diplômes
German: Festredner/Festrednerin bei der Abschlussfeier
Italian: Relatore della Cerimonia di Laurea
Portuguese: Orador da Formatura
Japanese: 卒業式スピーカー (Sotsugyōshiki Supīkā)
Chinese (Simplified): 毕业典礼演讲嘉宾 (Bìyè Diǎnlǐ Yǎnjiǎng Jiābīn)
Hindi: समापन वक्ता (Samaapan Vaktā)

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Commencement Speaker

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