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Class Size

What does the academic term Class Size mean in higher education?

Class Size

Class Size definition

Short Definition

Class Size is the number of students in a particular class or course.

In-depth Overview

Class Size

Long definition: "Class Size" in the context of higher education refers to the number of students enrolled in a particular course or class. It is a crucial factor that can influence the quality of instruction, student engagement and the overall learning experience.

Etymology: The term "class size" originates from the combination of "class", referring to a group of students and "size", indicating the quantity or dimension.

Synonyms or related academic terms: "Enrollment", "Number of Students", "Student Count".

Examples of Use:

  • The class size for the advanced physics course is limited to 20 students to ensure personalized attention.
  • Larger class sizes may lead to reduced opportunities for student-faculty interaction.

Spanish: Tamaño de Clase
French: Taille de Classe
German: Klassengröße
Italian: Dimensione della Classe
Portuguese: Tamanho da Turma
Japanese: クラスの人数 (Kurasu no Ninzu)
Chinese (Simplified): 班级规模 (Bānjí Guīmó)
Hindi: कक्षा का आकार (Kaksha Ka Ākār)

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Class Size

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