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Class Schedule

What does the academic term Class Schedule mean in higher education?

Class Schedule

Class Schedule definition

Short Definition

Class Schedule is a list of courses offered by an institution, including times and locations.

In-depth Overview

Class Schedule

Long definition: A "Class Schedule" in higher education refers to a structured timetable that outlines the specific courses, lectures and academic activities a student is required to attend during a given academic term or semester. It provides essential information about course names, instructors, meeting times and locations.

Etymology: The term "class schedule" combines "class", referring to a group of students and "schedule", indicating a predetermined plan of events or activities.

Synonyms or related academic terms: "Course Schedule", "Timetable", "Academic Schedule", "Lecture Schedule".

Examples of Use:

  • Students can access their class schedule online to view upcoming lectures and assignments.
  • It's important to review your class schedule to avoid scheduling conflicts between courses.

Spanish: Horario de Clases
French: Emploi du Temps
German: Stundenplan
Italian: Orario delle Lezioni
Portuguese: Horário de Aulas
Japanese: 授業スケジュール (Jugyō Sukejūru)
Chinese (Simplified): 课程表 (Kèchéng Biǎo)
Hindi: कक्षा का समय सारणी (Kaksha Ka Samay Sāraṇī)

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