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Career Services

What does the academic term Career Services mean in higher education?

Career Services

Career Services definition

Short Definition

Career Services is an office or department providing resources and assistance to students and alumni in career planning, job search and professional development.

In-depth Overview

Career Services

Long definition: Career Services, also known as Career Development Services or Career Centers, refers to specialized departments or offices within educational institutions that offer a range of resources and support to students and alumni in their career planning, job search and professional development. These services include providing guidance on choosing majors, resume and interview preparation, internship and job placement assistance, career counseling and hosting career-related events such as workshops, job fairs and networking opportunities.

Etymology: The term "career" comes from the Latin word "carrus", meaning "a vehicle for carrying". "Service" originates from the Latin "servitium", meaning "the condition of a slave". In this context, "Career Services" implies providing supportive assistance in students' career journeys.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Career Services may also be referred to as "Career Development Services", "Career Centers", or "Student Employment Services".

Examples of Use:

  • Many students visit Career Services to receive guidance on choosing a major that aligns with their career goals.
  • The Career Services office organizes workshops on resume writing and interview skills to help students prepare for job interviews.

Spanish: Servicios de Orientación Profesional
French: Services d'Orientation Professionnelle
German: Karriereberatungsdienste
Italian: Servizi di Orientamento al Lavoro
Portuguese: Serviços de Orientação Profissional
Japanese: キャリアサービス (Kyaria Sābisu)
Chinese (Simplified): 职业服务 (Zhíyè Fúwù)
Hindi: करियर सेवाएँ (Kariyar Sevayein)

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