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Career Fair

What does the academic term Career Fair mean in higher education?

Career Fair

Career Fair definition

Short Definition

Career Fair is an event where employers and job seekers come together to network and discuss employment opportunities.

In-depth Overview

Career Fair

Long definition: A career fair is an event organized by educational institutions or organizations to bring together students and job seekers with potential employers. These fairs provide a platform for individuals to explore career opportunities, network with professionals and learn about different companies and industries. Typically, employers set up booths or tables where they interact with attendees, provide information about job openings and collect resumes for recruitment purposes.

Etymology: The term "career" is derived from the Latin word "carrus", meaning "a vehicle for carrying". "Fair" comes from the Old English word "fæger", meaning "beautiful" or "pleasing". In the context of a career fair, it signifies an event where individuals can discover appealing career options.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Career fairs may also be known as "job fairs" or "employment fairs".

Examples of Use:

  • Many students attend career fairs to explore internship opportunities before graduating.
  • The annual career fair hosted by the university attracts a wide range of employers.

Spanish: Feria de Empleo
French: Salon de l'emploi
German: Karrieremesse
Italian: Fiera del Lavoro
Portuguese: Feira de Carreiras
Japanese: キャリアフェア (Kyaria Fea)
Chinese (Simplified): 就业招聘会 (Jiùyè Zhāopìn Huì)
Hindi: करियर मेला (Kariyar Melā)

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Career Fair

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