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Career College

What does the academic term Career College mean in higher education?

Career College

Career College definition

Short Definition

A Career College is a higher education institution that offers practical training in a specific trade, vocation or profession. It offers skills and knowledge necessary to perform specific jobs in fields such as technology, healthcare or skilled trades.

In-depth Overview

Career College

Long definition: A career college, also known as a vocational school or technical college, is an educational institution that specializes in providing practical and skill-based training for specific careers or professions. These colleges offer programs and courses designed to prepare students for jobs in fields such as healthcare, technology, automotive, culinary arts and more. Career colleges focus on hands-on training and typically offer diplomas, certificates or associate degrees rather than traditional bachelor's or master's degrees.

Etymology: The term "career" originates from the Latin word "carrus", meaning "a vehicle for carrying". "College" comes from the Latin "collegium", which refers to an association or society. In this context, "career college" signifies an institution focused on career-oriented education and training.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Career colleges may also be referred to as "vocational colleges", "technical schools", or "trade schools".

Examples of Use:

  • Many students choose to attend a career college to gain practical skills and enter the workforce more quickly.
  • He completed a culinary arts program at a career college and is now working as a chef.

Spanish: Colegio de Carreras
French: Collège de carrière
German: Berufskolleg
Italian: Scuola professionale
Portuguese: Colégio de Carreira
Japanese: キャリアカレッジ (Kyaria Kareru)
Chinese (Simplified): 职业学院 (Zhíyè Xuéyuàn)
Hindi: करियर कॉलेज (Kariyar Kolej)

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