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Campus Safety and Security

What does the academic term Campus Safety and Security mean in higher education?

Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security definition

Short Definition

Campus Safety and Security is a department or office responsible for ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty and staff on campus.

In-depth Overview

Campus Safety and Security

Long definition: Campus safety and security refer to the measures, policies and procedures implemented by educational institutions to ensure the well-being and protection of students, staff and visitors within the campus environment. These efforts aim to prevent and respond to various safety and security concerns, including but not limited to crime, emergencies and accidents.

Etymology: The term "campus" originates from the Latin word "campus", which means "field" or "open space". "Safety" is derived from the Old French word "sauf", meaning "safe" or "protected", and "security" comes from the Latin word "securitas", signifying "freedom from danger" or "safety".

Synonyms or related academic terms: Campus safety and security may also be referred to as "campus protection", "campus well-being", or "campus public safety".

Examples of Use:

  • The campus safety and security team conducts regular patrols to deter criminal activity.
  • Students are encouraged to report any safety or security concerns to the campus authorities.

Spanish: Seguridad y protección en el campus
French: Sécurité et protection du campus
German: Campus-Sicherheit und -Schutz
Italian: Sicurezza e protezione del campus
Portuguese: Segurança e proteção no campus
Japanese: キャンパスの安全とセキュリティ (Kyanpasu no Anzen to Sekyuriti)
Chinese (Simplified): 校园安全与保卫 (Xiàoyuán Ānquán yǔ Bǎowèi)
Hindi: कैम्पस सुरक्षा और सुरक्षा (Kaimpas Suraksha aur Suraksha)

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