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What does the academic term Admissions mean in higher education?


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Admissions is the process of evaluating and selecting applicants for admission to a college or university.

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Long definition: Admissions is the administrative and evaluative procedure that prospective students go through to seek enrollment in higher education institutions. This process typically includes submitting an application, providing academic transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Admissions offices or committees assess these materials to make informed decisions regarding which applicants meet the institution's admission criteria.

Etymology: The term "admissions" is derived from the word "admission", which has its roots in Latin and means "the act of allowing entry or acceptance". In the context of education, "admissions" signifies the process of granting entry or acceptance to students who meet the institution's requirements.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Enrollment
  • Matriculation
  • Acceptance
Examples of Use:
  1. The admissions office received a record number of applications this year, making the selection process highly competitive.
  2. After successfully completing the admissions process, she was excited to start her college journey.
  • Spanish: Admisiones
  • French: Admissions
  • German: Zulassung
  • Italian: Ammissioni
  • Portuguese: Admissões
  • Japanese: 入学 (Nyūgaku)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 入学 (Rùxué)
  • Hindi: प्रवेश (Pravesh)

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