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Academy definition

Short Definition

An Academy is a higher education institution that offers specialized training, often in fields related to the arts, sciences or professions. It may also refer to a secondary school with a specific focus, such as a military academy or a language academy.

In-depth Overview


Long definition: An academy is a formal educational establishment that focuses on the development of expertise, research and learning in specific academic or professional domains. It often offers degree programs, training courses and scholarly resources, creating an environment conducive to intellectual exploration and innovation.

Etymology: The term "academy" has ancient origins, tracing back to ancient Greece, where it referred to the school of philosophy founded by Plato, known as the "Academia". The word "academia" itself is derived from the name of the hero Akademos, whose garden in Athens served as a gathering place for scholars. Over time, "academy" has become synonymous with institutions dedicated to intellectual and educational pursuits.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Educational institution
  • Learning center
  • School of higher learning
Examples of Use:
  1. The Academy of Sciences conducts groundbreaking research in various scientific disciplines.
  2. Students aspiring to become actors often attend an acting academy to receive specialized training.
  • Spanish: Academia
  • French: Académie
  • German: Akademie
  • Italian: Accademia
  • Portuguese: Academia
  • Japanese: アカデミー (Akademī)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 学院 (Xuéyuàn)
  • Hindi: अकादमी (Akādamī)

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