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What does the academic term Academic Term mean in higher education?

Academic Term

Academic Term definition

Short Definition

An Academic Term is a period of time in which academic courses are offered, typically lasting several weeks or months.

In-depth Overview

Academic Term

Long definition: An academic term is a specific segment of the academic year that typically lasts for several weeks or months, depending on the institution's system. It encompasses a set of courses, lectures, assessments and other educational activities designed to help students achieve learning objectives. Academic terms are characterized by a fixed start and end date and often include breaks, such as holidays or recesses.

Etymology: The term "academic term" combines "academic", which relates to education and learning, with "term", signifying a defined period or interval. Together, they denote a period within the academic calendar designated for educational activities and coursework.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Semester
  • Quarter
  • Trimester
Examples of Use:
  1. The fall academic term at the university begins in late August and ends in December.
  2. During the academic term, students are expected to attend classes, complete assignments and take examinations.
  • Spanish: Semestre académico
  • French: Semestre académique
  • German: Studiensemester
  • Italian: Semestre accademico
  • Portuguese: Período acadêmico
  • Japanese: 学期 (Gakki)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 学期 (Xuéqī)
  • Hindi: शैक्षिक सत्र (Shikshik satra)

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