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Academic Suspension

What does the academic term Academic Suspension mean in higher education?

Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension definition

Short Definition

An Academic Suspension is a disciplinary action taken against a student who has failed to meet academic performance standards, prohibiting them from enrolling in courses for a period of time.

In-depth Overview

Academic Suspension

Long definition: Academic suspension is a disciplinary measure employed by colleges and universities when students fail to meet the institution's academic standards or make adequate academic progress. It typically involves a specified period during which the student is not allowed to enroll in courses or participate in academic activities. The aim is to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their academic performance, address underlying issues and take steps toward academic improvement.

Etymology: The term "academic suspension" combines "academic", related to education and learning, with "suspension", denoting a temporary interruption or cessation of a privilege or activity. Together, they signify the temporary suspension of a student's academic privileges due to academic deficiencies.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Temporary academic suspension
  • Academic exclusion
  • Academic timeout
Examples of Use:
  1. After receiving a series of failing grades, Mark faced academic suspension and had to meet with an academic advisor to develop an improvement plan.
  2. Jane's academic suspension allowed her to focus on addressing personal challenges and improving her study habits.
  • Spanish: Suspensión académica
  • French: Suspension académique
  • German: Akademische Suspendierung
  • Italian: Sospensione accademica
  • Portuguese: Suspensão acadêmica
  • Japanese: 学業停止 (Gakugyō teishi)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 学业暂停 (Xuéyè zàntíng)
  • Hindi: शैक्षिक निलंबन (Shikshik nilamban)

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