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Academic Probation

What does the academic term Academic Probation mean in higher education?

Academic Probation

Academic Probation definition

Short Definition

Academic Probation means a status assigned to students who fail to meet academic performance standards, indicating that they are at risk of academic suspension or dismissal.

In-depth Overview

Academic Probation

Long definition: Academic probation is a temporary academic status that indicates a student's subpar performance in terms of grades, coursework or academic progress. It serves as a warning and typically involves a specified probationary period during which students must demonstrate significant improvement to avoid more severe consequences, such as academic dismissal.

Etymology: The term "academic probation" does not have a complex etymology. It combines "academic", related to education, with "probation", referring to a period of evaluation and monitoring. Together, they signify the period during which a student's academic performance is under scrutiny.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Academic warning
  • Probationary period
  • Academic conditional status
Examples of Use:
  1. After failing several courses, Jane was placed on academic probation and required to meet with her academic advisor regularly.
  2. Students who do not raise their GPA during the probationary period may face academic dismissal from the university.
  • Spanish: Suspensión académica
  • French: Mise en probation académique
  • German: Akademische Bewährung
  • Italian: Sospensione accademica
  • Portuguese: Suspensão acadêmica
  • Japanese: 学業停止 (Gakugyō teishi)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 学业缓考 (Xuéyè huǎnkǎo)
  • Hindi: शैक्षिक पर्यावधि (Shikshik paryāvadhi)

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Academic Probation

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