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Academic Integrity

What does the academic term Academic Integrity mean in higher education?

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity definition

Short Definition

Academic Integrity means the commitment to honesty, ethical behavior and responsible academic conduct, including avoiding plagiarism and cheating.

In-depth Overview

Academic Integrity

Long definition: Academic integrity refers to a commitment to ethical conduct and principles in all academic activities. It involves demonstrating honesty in research, writing, examinations and collaborative projects. Upholding academic integrity ensures that students and scholars engage in fair, transparent and respectful practices, giving credit to the ideas and work of others and avoiding plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic misconduct.

Etymology: The term "academic integrity" combines "academic", relating to education and learning, with "integrity", which signifies moral and ethical completeness. Together, they convey the idea of maintaining ethical standards within an educational context.

Synonyms or related academic terms:
  • Educational integrity
  • Scholarly integrity
  • Academic honesty
Examples of Use:
  1. The university's code of conduct emphasizes the importance of academic integrity and prohibits cheating and plagiarism.
  2. Students are required to sign an academic integrity pledge to demonstrate their commitment to honest and ethical academic practices.
  • Spanish: Integridad académica
  • French: Intégrité académique
  • German: Akademische Integrität
  • Italian: Integrità accademica
  • Portuguese: Integridade acadêmica
  • Japanese: 学術倫理 (Gakujutsu rinri)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 学术诚信 (Xuéshù chéngxìn)
  • Hindi: शैक्षिक अखंडता (Shikshik akhaṇḍatā)

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Academic Integrity

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