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What we include

uniRank currently includes worldwide higher education institutions which satisfy the following requirements:

  • are officially recognized, licensed and/or accredited by national or regional bodies such as Ministries of Higher Education or government recognized accrediting organizations.
  • are officialy licensed or authorised to grant at least three-year undergraduate degrees (Bachelor's Degrees) and/or postgraduate degrees (Master's and Doctoral Degrees).
  • provide higher education courses mainly in a traditional face-to-face learning format delivered through on-site facilities.

All University and College profiles are included and updated free of charge.

What we do not include

uniRank currently does not include:

  • two-year degree granting institutions such as community colleges, vocational colleges, training colleges etc.
  • distance learning institutions.
  • seminaries and other theological higher-education institutions
  • military or law enforcement higher-education institutions
  • any other higher education institution that does not satisfy the above inclusion criteria and requirements.


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