Universities in Korea

This webpage includes a list of web metrics based University Rankings, sometime referred to as League Tables, of all Universities in Korea at a country level and, when possible and meaningful, at the most appropriate administrative level such as states, regions, provinces or other divisions depending on the country. To learn more about our ranking methodology please visit the About Us page.

2018 South Korean University Ranking2018 Uni Ranking

2018 Sub-rankings by Administrative Division 2018 Sub-rankings by Administrative Division

League Tables and University sub-rankings of South Korean Universities in the following administrative divisions:

Busan (14)   Daegu (3)  
Daejeon (9)   Gangwon (8)  
Gwangju (8)   Gyeonggi (27)  
Incheon (3)   Jeju (2)  
North Chungcheong (11)   North Gyeongsang (18)  
North Jeolla (10)   Seoul (39)  
South Chungcheong (16)   South Gyeongsang (9)  
South Jeolla (10)   Ulsan (2)  

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