Top Libyan Colleges and Universities on Facebook

Top Libyan Universities on Facebook

2024 Facebook University Ranking


What are the most popular Libyan Universities on Facebook? uniRank answers this question by publishing the 2024 Facebook University Ranking of all Libyan higher-education institutions on Facebook meeting the following uniRank selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Libyan higher education-related organization in each country
  • offering at least three-year bachelor's degrees or postgraduate master's or doctoral degrees
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format

The aim of the uniRank Facebook University Ranking is to offer an approximate popularity index for each Libyan university on the Facebook social media platform, based on the total number of followers. Read also our article about the importance of Social Media for Universities and prospective students.

Libyan Universities on Facebook

Rank University Followers Likes Country
1 University of Benghazi University of Benghazi's official Facebook page 346,976 307,594 ly Libya
2 University of Tripoli University of Tripoli's official Facebook page 300,082 262,743 ly Libya
3 Libyan International Medical University Libyan International Medical University's official Facebook page 193,258 174,081 ly Libya
4 Misurata University Misurata University's official Facebook page 123,406 108,918 ly Libya
5 Omar Al-Mukhtar University Omar Al-Mukhtar University's official Facebook page 115,710 97,320 ly Libya
6 Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies's official Facebook page 110,523 88,634 ly Libya
7 Al-Rafaq National University Al-Rafaq National University's official Facebook page 83,000 74,000 ly Libya
8 University of Tripoli Alahlia University of Tripoli Alahlia's official Facebook page 78,123 70,881 ly Libya
9 Sebha University Sebha University's official Facebook page 74,494 63,112 ly Libya
10 University of Zawia University of Zawia's official Facebook page 74,323 61,829 ly Libya
11 University of Alhadera University of Alhadera's official Facebook page 73,387 67,755 ly Libya
12 Azzaytuna University Azzaytuna University's official Facebook page 66,979 59,409 ly Libya
13 Bright Star University Bright Star University's official Facebook page 65,606 59,244 ly Libya
14 African University of Humanities and Applied Sciences African University of Humanities and Applied Sciences's official Facebook page 64,315 59,684 ly Libya
15 Alasmarya Islamic University Alasmarya Islamic University's official Facebook page 58,404 50,196 ly Libya
16 Tobruk University Tobruk University's official Facebook page 56,775 49,505 ly Libya
17 Elmergib University Elmergib University's official Facebook page 56,519 50,505 ly Libya
18 Sabratha University Sabratha University's official Facebook page 56,457 46,813 ly Libya
19 Al-Tahadi National Medical University Al-Tahadi National Medical University's official Facebook page 53,746 48,482 ly Libya
20 University of Gharyan University of Gharyan's official Facebook page 49,786 41,360 ly Libya
21 Bani Waleed University Bani Waleed University's official Facebook page 32,502 28,955 ly Libya
22 Islamic University of Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi Islamic University of Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi's official Facebook page 30,654 25,028 ly Libya
23 Libyan University of Humanities and Applied Sciences Libyan University of Humanities and Applied Sciences's official Facebook page 28,580 25,880 ly Libya
24 Nalut University Nalut University's official Facebook page 23,482 19,977 ly Libya
25 Fezzan University Fezzan University's official Facebook page 19,840 14,284 ly Libya
26 Al-Jafra University Al-Jafra University's official Facebook page 18,367 15,448 ly Libya

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