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Published description: St. John's College is a co-educational, liberal arts college known for its distinctive "great books" curriculum. St. John's is a single college located on two campuses, one in Annapolis, Maryland, and another in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The campuses share an identical curriculum, and each campus is limited to well under 500 students, and the faculty-student ratio is 1 to 8. St. John's College has no religious affiliation. The all-required course of study is based on the reading, study, and discussion of the most important books of the Western tradition. There are no majors and no departments; all students follow the same program. Students study from the classics of literature, philosophy, theology, psychology, political science, economics, history, mathematics, laboratory sciences, and music. No textbooks are used. The books are read in roughly chronological order, beginning with ancient Greece and continuing to modern times.

Creation date: 2008

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