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Published description: University of Khartoum YouTube channel shares video content about life and learning that takes place on its 5 campuses and around the world. University of Khartoum is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research. University of Khartoum is committed to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference in Sudan and abroad. The University has 23 Bachelor degree-granting Faculties and Schools, 12 Research Institutes and 12 Research Centers. Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Centers run postgraduate programs through the Graduate College. 238 M. Sc. and Ph. D. programs are available. Based in 5 campuses, University of Khartoum has an enrollment of 16972 postgraduates and 25295 undergraduate students. University of Khartoum has more than 65,000 alumni around the world. All content copyrighted 2016 by the University of Khartoum

Creation date: 2014

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Subscribers: 947
Videos: 315
Views: 65,556
Average number of Views per Video: 208

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