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Published description: This is the official video channel for the Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought (PACT) at the European Graduate School / EGS. The EGS is a University with two campuses: Valletta, Malta and Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought brings together renowned philosophers, critical theorists, artists, and practitioners, offering seminars for students seeking a unique intellectual experience and degrees that can serve work in higher education, the arts, the media, or other cultural sectors. PACT pursues advanced inquiry of a cross-disciplinary character that traverses each of the fields indicated in its title, examining the foundations and significance of decisive currents in modern thought and artistic practice. For more information, visit:

Creation date: 2007

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Subscribers: 38,000
Videos: 1,898
Views: 9,370,391
Average number of Views per Video: 4,937

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