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Published description: សាកលវិទ្យាល័យអង្គរ គឺជាគ្រឹះស្ថានឧត្តមសិក្សាធំមួយនៅក្នុងខេត្តសៀមរាបដែលបានបង្កើតឡើងដោយមានការទទួលស្គាល់តាមអនុក្រឹតរបស់រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល លេខ២៨ អនក្រ.បក ចុះថ្ងៃទី២៣ ខែកក្កដា ឆ្នាំ២០០៤ ដែលមានអាសយដ្ឋាននៅ បុរីសៀងណាំ ភូមិខ្នារ សង្កាត់ជ្រាវ ក្រុងសៀមរាប ខេត្តសៀមរាប។ Founded in 2004, Angkor University is a for-profit private higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the large town of Siem Reap (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants). Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Cambodia, Angkor University (AU) is a very small (uniRank enrollment range: 1,000-1,999 students) coeducational higher education institution. Angkor University (AU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matr

Creation date: 2019

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