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Published description: 京都大学公׿YouTubeチャンネルです̂ ここでは京都大学の研究活動をはじめとするٰ新のニュースや魅力を動画で伝えていきます̂ Welcome to Kyoto University's official YouTube channel, offering news about the latest research and activities taking place at the University. ࿸コメントについて࿹ 承認制となっています̂ All comments on YouTube are screened for approval. ࿸免責事অについて࿹ 以ӫをご確認ください̂ Disclaimer: The following conditions apply. Kyoto University is one of Japan and Asia's premier research institutions, founded in 1897 and responsible for producing numerous Nobel laureates and winners of other prestigious international prizes. A broad curriculum across the arts and sciences at both undergraduate and graduate levels is complemented by numerous research centers, as well as facilities and offices around Japan and the world.

Creation date: 2016

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Subscribers: 2,270
Videos: 324
Views: 259,081
Average number of Views per Video: 800

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