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Published description: RIMT University Programs ✔ School of Agriculture ✔ School of Architecture ✔ School of Art & Design ✔ School of Applied Sciences ✔ School of Bio Sciences ✔ School of Computer Application ✔ School of Humanities ✔ School of Health Sciences ✔ School of Hospitality Management ✔ School of Legal Studies ✔ School of Library Sciences ✔ School of Management Studies & Commerce ✔ School of Mass Communication & Media Technology ✔ School of Pharmaceutical Sciences ✔ School of Nursing ✔ RIMT Polytechnic ✔ ITI Located at just an hour's drive from Chandigarh! Delhi-Jalandhar GT Road NH1, Sirhind side, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab 1800-137-0022 www.rimt.ac.in info@rimt.ac.in

Creation date: 2013

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Subscribers: 3,490
Videos: 199
Views: 960,990
Average number of Views per video: 4,829

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