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Published description: Poornima Group has effectively contributed to the Indian educational industry by preparing young and enthusiastic technocrats and managers for the field. It is focused at providing a platform for advance research and creating state-of-art facilities for the curious youth, who will be shaping the future of the country by their knowledge and know-how. Discover Poornima Group and the various educational institutions of excellence including Poornima College of Engineering, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology and Poornima University. This video channel will take you through the incredible experiences at Poornima Campuses. Take a virtual tour that gives insight into the cultural diversity and exposure engulfing students on campus. Enter, discover, experience and turn your vision into tangible reality at Poornima.

Creation date: 2013

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Subscribers: 2,580
Videos: 230
Views: 2,062,877
Average number of Views per video: 8,969

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