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Published description: Welcome to the Queen's University Belfast YouTube Channel. We are a top 20 university in the UK with a heritage dating back over 150 years. We are based in Belfast, a modern European city bursting with life. Queen's University has a world-class academic reputation combining innovation and excellence in research and education with its leadership role in the community. This tradition of excellence provides a firm foundation for Queen's forward-looking and confident Vision for the Future, a blueprint which will secure its position as a global player in higher education. Queen’s is at the heart of the local community. Its "leading" role can be seen in many ways. The University is a training ground for the professions, a patron of the arts, and a driving force in wealth and job creation. Queen's is working to build on this role and to ensure that its students - the leaders of tomorrow's society - leave the University ready to take advantage of all the opportunities life can offer.

Creation date: 2011

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