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Published description: The University of New York Tirana (UNYT) was founded in 2002 as a part of the New York College (NYC) Network of Educational Institutions and was the first private University in Albania. It was established as a joint effort between the Founder and President of the NYC Network, Mr Elias Foutsis, and UNYT’s first Rector, Prof. Dr. Gramoz Pashko. The NYC Network consists of The University of New York Tirana, New York High School in Tirana (Albania), The New York College Athens, The New York College Thessaloniki (Greece), and the University of New York Prague (Czech Republic). Situated in the heart of Tirana, the capital city of Albania, UNYT aspires to establish itself as a dynamic, multicultural and leading center for higher education in the Balkans and beyond. The mission of UNYT is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain university degrees at the Bachelor, Master or PhD level, in a variety of academic and professional specializations, in collaboration with prestigious A

Creation date: 2015

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Subscribers: 78
Videos: 167
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