Top Sudanese Colleges and Universities on Facebook

Top Sudanese Universities on Facebook

2023 Facebook University Ranking New


What are the most popular Sudanese Universities on Facebook? uniRank answers this question by publishing the 2023 Facebook University Ranking of all Sudanese higher-education institutions on Facebook meeting the following uniRank selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Sudanese higher education-related organization in each country
  • offering at least three-year bachelor's degrees or postgraduate master's or doctoral degrees
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format

The aim of the uniRank Facebook University Ranking is to offer an approximate popularity index for each Sudanese university on the Facebook social media platform, based on the total number of followers. Read also our article about the importance of Social Media for Universities and prospective students.

Sudanese Universities on Facebook

Rank University Followers Likes Country
1 Sudan University of Science and Technology Sudan University of Science and Technology's official Facebook page 465,000 398,000 sd Sudan
2 University of Khartoum University of Khartoum's official Facebook page 305,000 265,000 sd Sudan
3 Omdurman Islamic University Omdurman Islamic University's official Facebook page 116,000 92,000 sd Sudan
4 University of Gezira University of Gezira's official Facebook page 84,000 56,000 sd Sudan
5 Ahfad University for Women Ahfad University for Women's official Facebook page 62,000 55,000 sd Sudan
6 Sudan International University Sudan International University's official Facebook page 50,000 42,000 sd Sudan
7 University of Shendi University of Shendi's official Facebook page 41,000 32,000 sd Sudan
8 Al Zaiem Al Azhari University Al Zaiem Al Azhari University's official Facebook page 41,000 28,000 sd Sudan
9 Mashreq University Mashreq University's official Facebook page 38,000 30,000 sd Sudan
10 AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University's official Facebook page 34,000 24,000 sd Sudan
11 Sinnar University Sinnar University's official Facebook page 31,000 23,000 sd Sudan
12 University of Gadarif University of Gadarif's official Facebook page 30,000 24,000 sd Sudan
13 University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences's official Facebook page 29,000 26,000 sd Sudan
14 University of Garden City University of Garden City's official Facebook page 28,000 22,000 sd Sudan
15 University of Medical Sciences and Technology University of Medical Sciences and Technology's official Facebook page 28,000 21,000 sd Sudan
16 Elrazi University Elrazi University's official Facebook page 27,000 24,000 sd Sudan
17 The Future University The Future University's official Facebook page 26,000 17,000 sd Sudan
18 White Nile University White Nile University's official Facebook page 25,000 17,000 sd Sudan
19 University of Bahri University of Bahri's official Facebook page 24,000 22,000 sd Sudan
20 University of El Imam El Mahdi University of El Imam El Mahdi's official Facebook page 24,000 21,000 sd Sudan
21 Merowe University of Technology Merowe University of Technology's official Facebook page 22,000 18,000 sd Sudan
22 University of Bakhtalruda University of Bakhtalruda's official Facebook page 21,000 18,000 sd Sudan
23 Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University's official Facebook page 21,000 16,000 sd Sudan
24 University of Kordofan University of Kordofan's official Facebook page 20,000 19,000 sd Sudan
25 National Ribat University National Ribat University's official Facebook page 19,000 18,000 sd Sudan
26 Red Sea University Red Sea University's official Facebook page 19,000 17,000 sd Sudan
27 Al Fashir University Al Fashir University's official Facebook page 15,000 14,000 sd Sudan
28 University of Zalingei University of Zalingei's official Facebook page 15,000 12,000 sd Sudan
29 Omdurman Ahlia University Omdurman Ahlia University's official Facebook page 14,000 13,000 sd Sudan
30 University of El Geneina University of El Geneina's official Facebook page 14,000 12,000 sd Sudan
31 Wad Medani Ahlia University Wad Medani Ahlia University's official Facebook page 13,000 12,000 sd Sudan
32 Alsalam University Alsalam University's official Facebook page 10,000 9,700 sd Sudan
33 University of Blue Nile University of Blue Nile's official Facebook page 10,000 8,400 sd Sudan
34 University of Dongola University of Dongola's official Facebook page 9,000 8,400 sd Sudan
35 Nile Valley University Nile Valley University's official Facebook page 6,800 5,600 sd Sudan
36 Eldaein University Eldaein University's official Facebook page 5,700 5,100 sd Sudan
37 University of Albutana University of Albutana's official Facebook page 5,500 5,200 sd Sudan
38 National University-Sudan National University-Sudan's official Facebook page 4,100 3,900 sd Sudan
39 Sudan Technological University Sudan Technological University's official Facebook page 2,900 2,300 sd Sudan
40 University of Science and Technology University of Science and Technology's official Facebook page 10 6 sd Sudan

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