Top Private Universities in China


What are the most popular Private Universities in China? uniRank tries to answer this question by publishing a complete list of top Private Chinese Universities ranked by the 2019 uniRank University Ranking and meeting the following uniRank selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed and/or accredited by the appropriate Chinese higher education-related organization
  • offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees)
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, face-to-face, non-distance education format
Our aim is to provide a non-academic League Table of the top Private Chinese Universities based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources rather than data submitted by the Universities themselves.

Top Private Universities in China

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# University Town
45 Soochow University Suzhou
130 Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Suzhou
141 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Shenzhen
331 Jiangxi University of Technology Nanchang
384 Beijing City University Beijing
387 Xi'an Eurasia University Xi'an
399 Hunan International Economics University Changsha
524 Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering Wuhan
530 Nanchang Institute of Technology Nanchang
544 Huanghe Science and Technology College Zhengzhou
591 Sichuan University of Media and Communications Chengdu
607 Sanda University Shanghai
655 Yang-En University Quanzhou
660 Beijing Geely University Beijing
665 Suqian College Suqian
675 Wuhan College of Media and Communications Wuhan
682 Zhengzhou Shengda University of Economics, Business and Management Zhengzhou
686 Huanghe Jiaotong University Zhengzhou
689 Yinchuan Energy Institute Yinchuan
702 Anhui Wonder University of Information Engineering Hefei
705 Xiamen Huaxia University Xiamen
716 Shandong Huayu University of Technology Dezhou
718 Shandong Xiandai University Jinan
724 Wuchang University of Technology Wuhan
725 Liaoning Communication University Shenyang
737 Wenhua University Wuhan
740 Changsha Medical University Hengyang
741 Duke Kunshan University Kunshan
745 Harbin Guangxia University Harbin
746 Nanchang Institute of Science and Technology Nanchang
752 Wuchang Institute of Technology Wuhan
763 Qilu Institute of Technology Jinan
767 Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University Xianyang
769 Quanzhou Institute of Information Engineering Quanzhou
774 Chengdu Neusoft University Chengdu
776 Xiamen Institude of Technology Xiamen
777 Changchun Architecture and Civil Engineering College Changchun
786 Yanbian University of Science and Technology Yanji
790 Beihai College of Art and Design Beihai
791 Hunan Institute of Information Technology Changsha ...
792 Harbin Institute of Information Technology Harbin
797 Wuhan College Wuhan
798 Wuhan Donghu University Wuhan
802 Shanxi Technology and Business College Taiyuan
804 Qingdao Hengxing University of Science and Technology Qingdao
806 SanQuan Medical College Xinxiang
813 Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun
829 Harbin Far East Institute of Technology Harbin
830 Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology Zhengzhou
831 Harbin Cambridge University Harbin
832 Yunnan Technology and Business University Kunming
836 Dalian University of Finance and Economics Dalian
838 Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences Wuhan
841 Sichuan University of Culture and Arts Mianyang
844 Nanning University Nanning
845 Shangqiu University Shangqiu
847 Wenzhou Business College Wenzhou
850 Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology Nanchang
851 Shenzhen MSU-BIT University Shenzhen
853 Qingdao University of Technology Qingdao
854 Anyang University Anyang
855 Yanjing Institute of Technology Langfang
857 Sichuan Film and Television University Chengdu
858 Hubei Business College Wuhan
862 Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology Wuhan
863 Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology Shantou
864 Wuchang Shouyi University Wuhan
866 Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology Chongqing
869 Hankou University Wuhan
871 Anhui Institute of Information Technology Wuhu
872 Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute Xi'an
876 Wuhan University of Engineering Science Wuhan
877 Neusoft Institute, Guangdong Foshan
879 Qiqihar Institute of Engineering Qiqihar
885 Shandong Xiehe University Jinan
886 Fuzhou Institute of Technology Fuzhou
890 Shenyang City University Shenyang
891 Wuhan Technology and Business University Wuhan
892 Changchun University of Finance and Economics Changchun
893 Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology Deyang
896 Shanghai Xingwei College Shanghai
903 Xinyang University Xinyang
906 Zhengzhou Technology and Business University Zhengzhou
911 Sanya University Sanya
913 NanTong Institute of Technology Nantong
916 Shanxi College of Applied Science and Technology Taiyuan
917 Wuhan Qingchuan University Wuhan
919 Shenyang Institute of Technology Shenyang
921 Chongqing Institute of Engineering Chongqing
922 Moutai Institute Zunyi
926 Yunnan College of Business Management Kunming
932 Guangdong University of Science and Technology Dongguan
936 Heilongjiang College of Business and Technology Harbin
937 Hebei Oriental University Langfang
939 Shangqiu Institute of Technology Shangqiu
940 Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology Shenyang
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