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This webpage provides a Custom Search Engine to search for programs, courses or other higher education-related information provided by officially accredited/recognized Universities, Colleges or other higher education institutions in Somalia offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees, such as bachelor degrees, and/or graduate degrees in a traditional, non-distance education format. This webpage also includes a comprehensive alphabetical list, from A to Z, of Somali Universities satisfying the above minimum requirements. For a better understanding of the type of higher education institutions we include in our directory please visit the About Us page. We strongly encourage University representatives to help us by reporting errors or updating, at no cost, their entire University profile.

A-Z list of Somali Universities & Colleges A-Z Somali Unis

# University Location
15 Jaamacada Badweynta Hindiya Mogadishu ...
3 Jaamacada Banaadir Mogadishu ...
12 Jaamacada Bariga Afrika Bossaso ...
10 Jaamacada Burco Burao
Un Jaamacada Gedo Bardera
14 Jaamacada Golis Hargeisa
13 Jaamacada Hargeysa Hargeisa
Un Jaamacada Hiiraan Beledweyne
8 Jaamacada Jamhuriya Mogadishu
19 Jaamacada Jazeera Wadajir ...
1 Jaamacada Kismaayo Kismayo
17 Jaamacada Koonfur Galbeed Soomaaliya Baidoa ...
2 Jaamacada Muqdisho Mogadishu ...
4 Jaamacada Nugaal Las Anod
16 Jaamacada Plasma Mogadishu ...
11 Jaamacada Puntland State University Garoowe ...
7 Jaamacada SIMAD Mogadishu
6 Jaamacada Soomaaliya Mogadishu ...
9 Jaamacada Ummada Soomaaliyeed Mogadishu
5 Jaamacadda Camuud Borama
18 Jaamacadda Teknoolajiyadda Somaliland Hargeisa
Un Sanaag University of Science and Technology Ceerigaabo
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