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List of top Colleges and Universities in Sudan by University Web Ranking. Link to it ♥

Universities in Sudan

by 2015 University Web Ranking

About this webpage
This page includes a list of accredited Colleges & Universities in Sudan ranked by the 2015 4icu.org University Web Ranking.
Prospective students can start from here to search for undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Sudan.
Lecturers and University staff can start from here to search for Sudanese Colleges and Universities with whom to establish cooperative educational agreements, student exchange programs or simply research academic information.

About University rankings
Many national and international websites and newspapers provide annual rankings of Universities and Colleges based on several criteria. For many years, they have undertaken both statistical and reputational ratings / rankings of Colleges and attempted to provide relevant information to prospective students. Increasingly, the importance and validity of University and College rankings is a highly debated issue. Many Universities, including highly ranked ones, are beginning to question both the data and methods used by some ranking services. Of special concern are the aspects of the rankings / ratings which deal with the difficult to measure concept of institutional reputation.The aim of this website is to provide an approximate ranking of world-wide Universities and Colleges based on the popularity of their website only. We do not claim to rank Universities by their reputation, quality of education or level of services provided.

Searching all Sudanese Universities websites

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Location Sort by University town
University of Khartoum
Khartoum ...
Sudan University of Science and Technology
Khartoum ...
University of Shendi
Shendi ...
International University of Africa
Neelain University
Khartoum ...
Nile Valley University
Khartoum ...
National Ribat University
University of Gezira
Wad Medani ...
Karary University
Omdurman ...
10  University of Bakht
Aldoim City
11  University of Dongola
12  Red Sea University
Port Sudan
13  Future University
14  Kassala University
15  University of Gadarif
16  University of Nyala
17  University of Science and Technology
Omdurman ...
18  Al Zaiem Al Azhari University
19  University of Medical Sciences and Technology
20  University of Kordofan
21  Dalanj University
22  Sudan Academy of Sciences
Khartoum ...
23  University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences
24  University of West Kordofan
Al Fulah
25  Al Fashir University
26  Ahfad University for Women
27  Omdurman Ahlia University
28  University of Zalingei
29  National University-Sudan
30  Blue Nile University
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