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Profile of European Consortium of Innovative Universities.

European Consortium of Innovative Universities

Organization Name

European Consortium of Innovative Universities




c/o University of Twente, Building Spiegel, S&B, PO Box 217
7500AE Nordrhein-Westfalen

+31 53 489 2684
+31 53 489 4898


The ECIU is a network of universities that define themselves as innovative and entrepreneurial through applied research, technology focus, links with industry and regional actors, technology and knowledge transfer, and modern pedagogy. They gain in innovative force through the pooling of expertise, mutual learning and joint projects in the framework of the association. ECIU enhances the quality of its member institutions in the areas of international collaboration, teaching and learning, regional development, technology transfer, and staff and student development. Its members develop collaborative / joint educational programmes, which build on the strengths of ECIU member universities. By this, ECIU aims at contributing to the further development of a knowledge-based European economy within the global higher education market, to be an "agent of change" for European higher education through examples of best practice; and to take Europe to the world, i.e. To open up European higher education for collaboration with associate partners outside of Europe.